Arjanne Schaaf - Turquoise

Arjanne Schaaf - Turquoise

Turquoise, even the name is exotic.
Something like turtle or tortoise.
Maybe that is the feeling; slow, floating and playing in the water.
Sea-green, blue-green and all the other shades of turquoise.
Fluid and gliding gracfully. Calm and restful.
Water that isn't associated with the cold but with a warm bath.
Or with the lagoons and coral reefs that you find in the tropics.
With colourful fishes that dart among them.
Like a happy, peaceful endless dream.
Like a diving or snorkelling adventure.
Finally I'm inclined to this colour in my self expression.
In my clothing and accessories or my choice of furniture and art.
Preferably combined with a contrasting colour, pink, purple or red.
Just like the cheerful fishes in my reef.