Pete Purnell - Infinite Blue

Pete Purnell - Infinite Blue
I was born, literally, a stone’s throw from the sea. It was high summer, the end of the afternoon. So it’s pretty certain that my first view of the outside world must have been 50% blue sea, 40% blue sky and 10% land.
   Blue is the first station on the road from black to all the frivolous colours of the rainbow.
The Blues, the music of the soul, by any other name would not sound as sweet.
    But the deepest and most moving blue is that which you sometimes see in the sky on a bright, cloudless summers day. In a corner of the sky light will polarize and turn a deep blue, almost black. If you stare into it you can’t focus your eyes, its like gazing into infinity.
Maybe it’s like looking back to where it all began.